gratitude party


A dare to shift our perspective from striving and evaluating to living thanks.  It will be 30 days of:
  • Little Challenges
  • Encouraging Snippets and Gratitude Rock Stars
  • Evi Acting like a Pirate. . . um yeah that's happening.
Read along at eviwusk.com each day or subscribe via e-mail at the website (just click on the left hand side).

p.s. This will not be a "list everything you're thankful for" cheeseball thing.  Okay, it'll have some cheese, but I get it, some days do suck. . . yeah. . . um. . . was that today?  We'll talk about that too.

Hope you can join in the fun!  Invite friends who could use a little grace, joy and peace. . . or maybe just a slice of pie, oh did I mention there's a drawing for free pie.  Yum.

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