What I'm doing this December

I have a #gratitudeparty hangover--the absolute best kind--as I sit here warmed up by words over the last chilly month.  As I sit here all cozy, I remember one of my favorite author's words, "Oh that's cute. . . now on to the next thing."  I think he's right, but my next thing is listening and waiting for a bit.  I want to live thanks in advent this year instead of doing the whole Christmas rush around.  I'd love it if you joined me in one or both of my waiting practices:

1.  I'm taking a daily walk between Thanksgiving and New Year's.  Julia Cameron (one of my favorite authors on creativity) is really intense about the importance of taking walks.  I think it sounds stupid. . . so that probably means it's life-changing.  Thoreau walked daily for like four hours (I'm thinking minutes here), but I'm reading his 1861 work, Walking (free ebook - public library - IndieBound), which he wrote seven years after Walden.  

2.  I'm posting a daily photo on Instagram for my church's Word-of-the-Day challenge.  To participate, take a picture each day, December 1-25, that illustrates the daily word for you after reading the related Bible passage for inspiration, then post your pic to Instagram with these hashtags: #SouthwoodSightings #Watch (for example, for December 1).  The challenge is described in more detail here.  If you're new to Instagram, ask a student to show you the basics, or click here.  

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