Get a gratitude helmet

This has been a week of screw-ups for me, my imperfection showing off. . . fantastic.  All of it leaves me feeling complain-y and Eeyore-y  But, when we're not feeling thankful, the gratitude of others has a way of rubbing off, contagious.  Grab a helmet--because they're gonna blow your mind--and invest time in one or both of these videos.  The return on this investment = gratitude, pure gift.

1.  Everything Is a Present  - Holocaust survivor Alice Herz Sommer practices the piano for three hours each day.  She has a story that puts everything in perspective.  Stick with it to the end where she teaches gratitude--with beautiful giggles throughout.

2.  Michael Keaton's Golden Globe acceptance speech (Start at around 2:13 on the clip) - We've all seen people get up to say thanks for an award--the thing that this blog is all about--but Miachel isn't just thankful, he's filled with gratitude.  I love how he gives thanks for the real award/reward in his life and the thickness of the audience's silence in this thin space/holy moment as his cup overflows.

  • Dare Choice 1: Write down three things that have deep meaning in your life.  When something goes wrong today (as it probably will), shift your thoughts back to your list.
  • Dare Choice 2:  Write up or reflect on your own life story like Michael does, "My name is ___ the son/daughter of ___ etc."  Let it inspire you to write a note of thanks.