2016 Thanks! (and an announcement)

Thank YOU.  

Thank you for reading Gratitude Gal in 2016.  I like to write for fun, and having anyone reading along is a big part of what makes it fun.

To celebrate this gratitude, I've created a 30-day Gratitude Challenge for January.  It is both alike and different from the one I did a couple of years ago.  I am trying out some new audio file stuff, and my friend Curt has agreed to share more of his inspiring photography!

So, get your Jock Jams playing because we kick off January 1.  There will be a generous give away from Krafty-Kash (Thank you Kashoan) and a little poetry along the way.  It will be like a funky thrift store of eclectic gratitude.  

Please join in and invite a friend.  To participate all you need to do is find three gratitudes each day and write them down.  By using a part of our day this way, it's like wearing a new set of glasses geared toward goodness for the rest of the day, and who couldn't use that?  

So, let's start off 2017 looking at things with a truer and encouraging perspective.  Stay tuned for a print-out and directions in the next couple of days, or get your favorite notebook handy.

With Gratitude and Cheers to 2017, 

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