Hi!  I'm Evi (you say it like Chevy).  I am so glad you're here.  Thanks for being here and reading.  I am a writer, mom, part-time teacher, and lover of creativity.  I wrote my educational dissertation on Lutheran Confirmation, so I tend to dance between worlds sacred and secular, hoping to learn from and honor both.  I do a hodge-podge of things that include writing, teaching, leading seminars/retreats and just trying to live each day with a little more grace.  One constant grace in my life has been and is writing.  It's always there, even when I'm not--if that makes sense.  So, thank you for coming to this space that has been a grace to me.  I pray it is for you as well.  

I Write For by Evi Wusk

For 12-year old Evi, the one who read the Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe in one day and saw that even fiction could be real.

For 15-year old Evi who sat in Good Will Hunting and felt how story can shift the furniture in our minds.

For 13-year old Evi who took dared to take off that back brace at track meets to feel the sun warm her shoulders.

For 10-year old Evi who wished that friendship didn’t cost so much.

For doctorate-in-your-early-30's Evi who hoped that title might quench the thirst.

For Spencer, who took his own be.

For my bookclub gals (#stayweird).  

For my hearty/wise/silly backpacking crew and my small-town Sterling friends.

For the women who inspire me: Kate, Lynne, Kerri, Holly, Jo, Sarah, Peggy, Sunni, other Sarah, Janelle, Legel, Becky, Rachel, Karen, Christina, Lauren, Judith, and Kelly K.

For the writers who've mattered to me.  The ones who talk across space and time, making us all feel less alone: Glennon, Brenee, Parker, The Anne Lamont, C.S., Deidra, Michelle.

For Mom, who took me to the library and came to nearly every play I’ve ever been in, even in a rep theatre.

For Dad, who doesn't say much, but once posted card-board signs all along our country drive way that said, "Go Evi!  Take State!" and who once said my writing is, "Like a wow thing."

For the Deep Goodness, whose creative dance gets better even through the ebbs and flows, through each hurt as the unnecessary falls away. . . I hear You in the trees and on the trail.  

For “me too" and for joy.

For C and O, my little hearts.

For the Bearded One, my absolute favorite human.

With gratitude,
p.s. Special gratitude goes to my friend Curt Brinkman for sharing his photography often in this space.  Check out his work at, Life's a Story Photography.  His eye helps me see.