Hi!  I'm Evi (you say it like Chevy).  
I'm glad you're here.  

I've always been a fan of a good story, the kind that helps us forget and remember all at the same time.  
Everything here is geared toward that.  When I started this writing space, I wrote that my intention was to turn up the volume of the "still small voice" in my life.  That holds true years down the road as I write and make stuff, hoping to tune the radio station that is my life to the Deep Goodness bubbling up under everything.

I want to notice. . . and say thanks.  And maybe help you do that too.

"Your 30 day gratitude challenge occurred at a perfect time for me. It really has helped me focus on things for which I am grateful and enabled me to realize all of the goodness in life!" - A Reader

Thanks, a poem by Evi Wusk
Sort of in the style of Thank You Notes by Jimmy Fallon

Thanks C.S. for writing the Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.  You made me fall in love with words.

Thanks Pastor at my church when I was in junior high for taking our youth group to Good Will Hunting, and not making us leave when you realized how many times they said F*&%.  That movie made me fall in love with story.

Thanks bookclub gals. . . for teaching me that to be me is okay, maybe even a good thing. :)  Thanks for re-charging my batteries on more than one occasion.

Thanks tacos.  For being tacos.  

Thanks backpacking friends for making adventures possible.

Thanks small-town Sterling friends for welcoming me in a town that wasn't mine to begin with.  I love raising our kiddos in a community I've grown to love, one that's welcomed me quirks and all.

Thanks Mom for taking me to the library so much and always being at everything (and giving me life).  You are an amazing mom.

Thanks Dad for showing me how to be a thinker, for saying my writing is, "a wow thing," at a time when I thought about quitting writing altogether.  You don't always say much, but when you do people should listen.  I do.  

Thanks Deep Goodness for bubbling up under everything.  Yes everything.  That is my belief and the hope that I want to be about spreading.  The creative dance with this Benevolent Spirit that animates me and all of us is my absolute favorite.  I wish I didn't forget so often, bogged down in the cycle of being human that starts and re-starts if we have the courage to wait and the courage to try again.  I'm reminded when I hear You in the trees and on the trail, when the writing seems to write me.  You are the start of all the gratitude.  Thank You dearest muse.

Thanks C and O, my little hearts, for being.  You are the pinnacle of my quest to live a creative life.  Thanks you dearest weird/awesome/giggly kiddos.

Thanks R, my hero, for being with me in all of it.  You have rescued me from myself more times than I can count.  You're not perfect, but the perfection I need in this world.  You jostle my laughter loose when I get oh-too-serious for the millionth time and you continue to teach me how to love.  Thanks for being the best one and for being true.

Yours in gratitude,

p.s. Special thanks goes to my friend Curt Brinkman for sharing his photography so often here.  Check out his work at, Life's a Story Photography.